House Concerts

The Reviews Are In!


"When they played in our living room, I think it safe to say, everybody in the house felt like kings and queens - happy, safe and sound. Don is such a wonderfully rich story teller whether he's singing or just conjuring up a segue. We look forward to them coming back and doing it again!"  -Veteran Broadway star and singer Jeff McCarthy



So, you may be wondering, "What the heck is a house concert?"  Well, in case you are, a house concert is a chance for you and your friends to enjoy a very special evening of fun and entertainment right in the privacy of your own home. House Concerts have become increasingly popular all across the country due to the very simple and economical way they can be hosted. What you do is invite friends and family for a unique experience that usually begins with some light refreshments and socializing. This can be as simple as cheese and wine, or chips and sodas or coffee. Some hosts who want to spend a little more have even put out hot dishes, or made the evening "potluck" where guests bring a dish. 

 Once the guests have arrived and had a little food and beverage, they are asked to get comfortable and lounge on the chairs, sofa, throw pillows or on anything that lets them get cozy and comfortable! Then then show begins. The artists perform their first set in this relaxed and warm environment, often telling some background about the songs and how they came to write them. After around 45 minutes, there's a brief intermission (more snacks, bathroom breaks, etc) then the guests return to the concert area and the second set begins. 

After the performance the artists sell their CD's, and engage in conversation with the crowd. When they're finished, and the show's over, you decide what happens next. Your own party can continue or you can bid the guests goodnight!

 The host provides the snacks and the guests (who have been told before  the event) make a small donation. $10 is the suggested amount. The donations go to the artists. It's that simple! The artists get the donations plus the sale of their CD's. 

 A few points: It's important to tell your friends when you invite them that this is a House Concert, not a party with music in the background! This is the favorite venue for singer/songwriters, because they have the cherished opportunity to play their songs before a listening audience. Not in a noisy bar! It's a wonderful and intimate experience for the artists as well as the audience.

You do not need a large home or apartment to host a House Concert! Of course, if you do have the room, or a backyard, great! You can have as many as a hundred or as little as twenty. Sometimes a small living room makes for an even richer and up close experience.

On the CONTACT page you can send us a message, leave your number, and we can call you and answer all your questions. 

It will truly be a night you and your friends (and Dan & I) will treasure for years to come.

Thanks and let's make it happen!

All The Best,

Don Sparks